Product Overview




  • Suitable for vegans
  • Can be used instead of dairy cream or milk
  • Rich and light flavor

Soy milk cream is used as an industrial-use food ingredient, but it is also sold in convenient 900ml cartons for traditional Japanese restaurants, western restaurants, eating and drinking establishments, confectionery shops and bakeries.

The product name is Ko-cream.
This brand new soy milk cream brings out the best in the ingredients and increases the UMAMI of various foods, regardless of category, whether it be Japanese cuisine, Japanese sweets, Western cuisine or Chinese cuisine. Since it comes from soybeans, it has fewer calories than fresh cream. It also goes well with fruits and vegetables and can be used widely as cooking cream.
Ko-cream is cooking cream and is not for whipping.

Product name Ko-cream
Product category Soy milk cream made using USS manufacturing method
Packaging 900ml×12
Expiration date 240 days
Storage Keep refrigerated

(Please consult us about other types of packaging also available.)
* "Ko-cream" is the registered trademark of our soy milk cream.

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