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Low-fat soy milk is used as an industrial-use food ingredient, but it is also sold in convenient 900ml cartons for traditional Japanese restaurants, western restaurants, eating and drinking establishments, confectionery shops and bakeries.

The product name is Bimi-tonyu.
While having characteristics corresponding to separated milk, it also has 30% fewer calories than regular soy milk and less flavor degradation caused by soy fat. Using this product instead of regular soy milk, you can reduce the fat and calories. Bimi-tonyu itself has UMAMI, so it also increases the UMAMI and saltiness of products, allowing you to use less seasoning. Additionally, it offers excellent foamability, coagulability and coating properties. If it is whipped, it can be used as a meringue. As suggested by the name, it infuses (tonyu) foods with delicious taste (bimi).

Product name Bimi-tonyu
Product category Low-fat soy milk made using USS manufacturing method
Packaging 900ml×12
Expiration date 120 days
Storage Keep refrigerated

(Please consult us about other types of packaging also available.)
* "Bimi-tonyu" is the registered trademark of our low-fat soy milk.

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Reference information/Taste properties of low-fat soy milk/Compared to regular undiluted soy milk, low-fat soy milk:(1) Has more UMAMI and saltiness=>Increases deliciousness(2) Has less bitterness, unpleasant flavor and astringency=>Highlights flavors of combined ingredients(3) Strong sustained UMAMI (richness)=>Maintain delicious taste with less salt/Compared to various base stocks and regular unmodified soy milk, low-fat soy milk:(1) Has more UMAMI and saltiness (compared to base stock and unmodified soy milk)=>Increases deliciousness(2) Has less bitterness, off-flavor and astringency (compared to unmodified soy milk)=>Highlights flavors of combined ingredients