Product Overview

Ko-cream Whip

Ko-cream Whip

Ko-cream Whip, which adds a whipping function to soy milk cream manufactured using the USS manufacturing method, is also sold as an industrial-use product.

Ko-cream Whip takes advantage of the UMAMI of soy milk cream and serves as a Japanese whipping cream. Its refreshing soy milk flavor, without the use of any dairy ingredients, matches Japanese ingredients like bean paste, roasted soybean flour, matcha, chestnuts and sweet potatoes exquisitely and brings out their flavor. The delicious flavor of Japanese sweets produced by Japanese ingredients and Japanese soy milk whipping cream is a taste experience not found anywhere else.

Product name Ko-cream Whip
Name Soy milk processed food
Product form L carton (1,000g)

Expiration date

75 days
Storage Keep refrigerated (3-7°C)

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