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We also sell Mame-máge, a cream cheese-like soy milk cream, as an industrial-use product. This ingredient resembles cream cheese and is made from mainly low-fat soy milk manufactured using the USS method.

Mame-máge, the cheese-like soy milk cream, is the world's first cream cheese ingredient made with soybeans. It contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.
To develop this product, our original fermentation technology utilizing carefully selected lactic acid bacteria was applied. This enabled production of an ingredient that has a mellow fermented flavor and rich taste.
With its smooth texture and solid body, Mame-máge can also be used as a spread, just by itself.
We recommend utilization of Mame-máge not only for confectionery production and bread making but also for cooking in a wide range of genres, including Italian cuisine and dishes combining Japanese and Western tastes.

Product name Mame-máge, the cream cheese-like soy milk cream
Name Fermented soy milk food product
Contents 500 g bag × 12/cardboard case
Expiration date 240 days
Storage Keep refrigerated (0-10°C)

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