Product Overview




  • Suitable for vegans
  • Melts when heated
  • Produced under fermentation process

A cheese-like soy milk block is made from mainly low-fat soy milk produced by the USS manufacturing method. SOY DELICE SH is made and also sold as an industrial-use product.

Taking the form of a block type of cheese, SOY DELICE SH is a food product made of lacto-fermented soy milk.
It can be shredded and cut into the desired size or shape.
Since it is delicious whether eaten as it is or heated, it can be used to make all sorts of dishes, including caprese, pizza, lasagne, and gratin.
It contains absolutely no animal-derived ingredients.

Product name SOY DELICE SH, the cheese-like soy milk semi-hard type
Name Fermented soy milk food product
Contents 500 g / pillow x 12 pillows (standard)
Desired retail price Open price
Expiration date 300 days
Storage method Keep refrigerated (0 – 10 degrees ℃)

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